We have another happy remodelling client and so we thought we’d use this as an example of a horseshoe ring to walk you through the process.

Remodelling is a wonderful way to breathe new life into old, forgotten pieces. We can use the gold, silver and stones from your jewellery and create wonderful new pieces you’ll love to wear again. It’s also a great solution for sentimental pieces not being worn as you still have the same beautiful gems and metals you have an emotional connection to.

This client brought us a beautiful but outdated pendant with stunning diamonds that was gifted by her mother and asked us to create a ring for her. Unlike some clients she knew exactly what she wanted when she approached us; a big beautiful horseshoe ring. We get a lot of requests for equestrian jewellery, it seems to be an ever popular style.

The ring was then designed using CAD (computer aided design) to show the client and giver her an idea of how the finished ring would look. This is the stage where the client can make some changes and make sure the ring will be exactly what they dreamed of!

CAD design of Horse Shoe Ring with Gold and Diamonds

The ring is then cast and we were able to use all nine diamonds from the pendant and the gold to make the band of the ring. After that the ring is given a good polish before the stones are set. One more final polish and the ring is ready to be packaged and either collected or sent to the client. Needless to say she was THRILLED and has been happily showing her ring off since it was slipped on her finger.

remodelled horseshoe ring

We adore remodelling pieces and the sentimentality involved, hearing each persons story it’s wonderful to get an opportunity to help people re discover joy in their jewellery and help teach them about the process. If anyone would like to know more about our remodelling services click here!

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have!

Marie and Isabel. Xxx