One strand of pearls, countless possibilities…

Here at Ardmore Jewellery we are OBSESSED with the magic of our interchangeable clasps. We have carefully curated the most beautiful selection of clasps designed to compliment and enhance a classic strand of pearls. We offer specially created pearl strands but also offer a service of turning your beloved pearls into  an interchangeable strand! Using one string of pearls you can create a piece that compliments any outfit.

The process is seamless. Simply push and twist to switch which clasp you want to use that day.

You can create pearls to suit every style be it classic or contemporary.

We also offer a contemporary range of interchangeable clasps which can completely change the way you wear your pearl necklace. With a simple twist you can change from one clasp to another, and wear the clasp to the front or side, thereby changing the look of your necklace to suit your mood or the look of you outfit. Over time you can build up your collection of clasps, turning one necklace into a collection. For this interchangeable system to work, your pearls must measure at least 8mm in diameter, or you can select pearls from our stock range to have a string made to your exact desire.

To view our full range of claps and strands click here to begin your necklace adventures!