Our Story

Hello! Just in case you don’t know us I’ll do a little introduction to tell you more about us! I’m Isabel and along with my mother/business partner/best friend Marie we own our jewellery business Ardmore Jewellery.

Jewellery is our passion. My mother grew up surrounded by trinket boxes from auctions full of surprises and treasure. Her childhood love turned into a passion for creating her own beautiful pieces when she decided to return to education in 2010 to train as a goldsmith. After completing her training she began to realise her dream of making and selling her own pieces. My history is in fashion. I studied at the Grafton Academy of fashion design where I learned to design, pattern cut and sew my own collections.

Although I was always my mothers “techie” which involved everything from explaining hashtags to setting up facebook pages to figuring out SEO I officially became a member of the team after finishing college.

Then our relationship changed from a close mother daughter one to business partners and colleagues. It came quiet naturally to us, used to supporting each other and giving advice, it was a perfect fit.

Our Passion

It was integral at the start to have a business that not only produced high quality pieces but also used fair trade and conflict free materials. It was also important for us to give back to our community by donating a portion of each sale to the RNLI who have saved our asses on more than one occasion! We’re so proud to be supporting such amazing men and woman!

Our Life

Although much of our life revolves around running the business we do manage to take time for other things in life too! We swim every morning with our puppy and some other fab woman. We have movie nights. My mothers favourite is Out of Africa, mine The Greatest Showman. I try to get up to Dublin most weeks to visit all my favourite haunts and see my favourite people.

Our whole family spends a lot of time in the water in every capacity. I would never call myself an active person until it comes to the water where I can wake board or windsurf with the (not so) best of them!

My main weakness in life is cheese. I could eat brie for breakfast, camambert for lunch and roquefort for tea, all with a not so healthy loaf of crusty bread and butter. Just thinking about it makes me want to go running to the fridge! My mother is far better at self control than I am and keeps her crisp addiction firmly in check!

Our Blog

When designing the new website we thought it important to include a blog. Here we will show you behind the scene pics, let you get to know more about us, provide you with information about our jewellery and keep you up to date with any important information. I hope you find this a fun glimpse into the world of Ardmore Jewellery!