Pearl Re-stringing

Pearls last for generations, but some styles become outdated and re-stringing your pearls to a more contemporary design will enhance them and give them a new lease of life. Also, over time, the pearl thread can stretch and become loose and soiled looking. It is important not to let your pearls rub against each other as they can slowly wear and lose their lustre. We re-string all pearls, it does not matter if you bought them from Ardmore Jewellery or not, or if they are valuable or worth millions in memories.

Interchangeable Clasps

We also offer a contemporary range of interchangeable clasps which can completely change the way you wear your pearl necklace. With a simple twist you can change from one clasp to another, and wear the clasp to the front or side, thereby changing the look of your necklace to suit your mood or the look of you outfit. Over time you can build up your collection of clasps, turning one necklace into a collection. For this interchangeable system to work, your pearls must measure at least 8mm in diameter, or you can select pearls from our stock range to have a string made to your exact desire.

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